Powers of Attorney and Deputyships

Lasting powers of Attorney

A time of illness or stress, whether physical or mental, can be difficult enough without the pressures of dealing with your obligations at the same time. You may want to consider putting in place a power of attorney to protect both yourself, your loved ones and your assets. Here at Randle Thomas we are experienced in assisting you with the preparation and registration of lasting powers of attorney.

There are two types of Lasting Powers of Attorney: one for Property & Financial Affairs which allows someone to deal with your financial matters and one specifically for your Health & Welfare which enables someone to make decisions about health matters and speak for you to medical professionals. A power of attorney can be as important as a Will in protecting yourself against emotional and financial problems that may arise.

Sadly it is not only the old or infirm who may need to consider preparation of a power of attorney. Unexpected illnesses or accidents such as a head injury may lead to mental capacity being impaired and a power of attorney can be of much comfort, allowing your attorneys to bear the strain of dealing with your commitments for you.

On occasions, preparation of a power of attorney is no longer possible and if one has not been prepared and registered prior to loss of capacity a Court of Protection deputyship may be the only recourse you will have.

Court of Protection Deputyships

We understand the stress on family and friends caring for a loved one who is losing their mental capacity and can no longer manage their property or financial affairs themselves. There may also be urgent matters which need to be attended to and that may not be possible if no power of attorney has been completed.
An application may need to be made to the Court of Protection for someone to be appointed as that person’s Deputy in order that they can manage matters which are pressing or take over on an ongoing basis.
We are also here to help obtain a court of Protection Order to deal with a specific mental heath or personal welfare issue that has become pressing.
At Randle Thomas we have experience of steering families though the complexity of forms and procedures attendant upon obtaining a Court of Protection Order and becoming a Deputy, including making an emergency order where urgent matters need to be dealt with, such as selling a house.